Delightful Bath and Room Spray

Seriously, why didn’t I start this sooner?! Store-bought bath and room sprays are super expensive and none of them smell good to me. I hate fruity, floral, powder, linen scents! Gag! I can get closer to my preferences with candles, but if I am scurrying around, don’t like to leave them lit. Once I gave this project a whirl, I was enlightened! (No pun intended.)

Bath and room sprays are so painfully simple, I feel really stupid for wasting so much money on completely awful cans of Glade. All along, I had everything I needed. Except the spray bottle. This nice aluminum one came from the health food store, but honestly, if you have something at home that works, use it! The one shown above is at Walgreens for $2.99: Aura Cacia Spray Bottle

If you don’t already have favorite essential oils, get some! Even our grocery store in Oshkosh, WI carries them in the health food aisle. With testers, too! You can go high to low regarding expense,  but honestly, if I am happy with the scent, I am satisfied with any brand for this project.

I use Thayer’s Witch Hazel as a skin toner, so I usually have it on hand. You can find this at a health food store which carries personal care products, but again, my grocery store carries it, too. This works to keep your spray from going funky. A bit of rubbing alcohol or vodka will work, too.

If I am being diligent, I use distilled water. If I am being my typical self, I make this up right in the bathroom sink, with water from the tap. After a year, I’ve had no problem either way. Now, let create!

First, I almost fill the bottle with water. Remember you’ll need room for the sprayer to go back on, as well, the other ingredients. Add about a tablespoon of witch hazel, alcohol or vodka. Too much will effect your scent. Next, you’ll have to experiment a little to get the fragrance you like. My favorite is 12 drops each of Rosemary, Orange and Ginger essential oils. I also like 24 drops of Palo Santo with 5 drops of Peppermint. These are both clean and refreshing.

Next, replace the sprayer tightly and shake it up. Then, give it a test. (Avoid your eyes!). Do you like it? Are some notes cancelling out others? Literally, I “listen” to the scent to see if I hear all the different components on the levels I want. I like the Rosemary and Palo Santo in front, but I want to smell the other oils in there, too. Experiment, but keep count of how many drops. You want to create a recipe you can easily make up.

Once you are satisfied, that’s it. Really, it is. I give the bottle a shake each time I use it, just to distribute the oils. I also spray myself! Perfectly light and organic smelling! I have used these two sprays to freshen closets, carpets before vacuuming and on a paper towel for laundry sheets. There is not so much oil as to stain anything. Total small magic:).

What else can you think of? Let me know!


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