Freezing Lemon and Lime Slices

Perhaps I am the last to know, but nothing has made me happier all year! Right here is the magic that describes me perfectly. Yes, finding out that I could freeze a store of lemon and lime slices is my kind of small magic!

It doesn’t get easier than this. Cut your lemon or lime into slices. For freezing, lay on a cookie sheet. Put in freezer overnight. Dump the frozen slices into zip locks and pop back into the freezer. That’s it! Now, every time you want lemon or lime for anything, you have it!

If I need to squeeze the juice from the slice, I just run them under warm water for a few seconds. Done. Defrosted and ready to use!

I haven’t tried oranges or grapefruit, but I have a feeling they will work out fine:). I’ll keep you posted!


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